Background Information on the Chinese Railway System

There are more than 52,000 km of rail in China and it is estimated that 3.7 million Chinese and visitors use the country's railway system daily. This vast rail network covers every province but Tibet. In China, train tickets can usually be purchased at the China International Travel Service (CITS) desk in major tourist hotels. Larger cities also have advance-booking offices or a foreign desk at the train station. Depending on the distance traveled, tickets are valid from one to seven days: 250 km/2 days, 500 km/3 days, 1000 km/3 days, 2000 km/6 days. Purchasing a train ticket in China can be a fun but frustrating endeavor. Foreign travelers should be advised to plan ahead or use the services of one of the CITS offices in major country capitals worldwide. Please reference Figure 2-1 for a map of China andBox 2?1 for contact information for CITS.

Figure 2-1. Map of China

Source: Map produced by the Central Intelligence Agency and found online in the University of Texas at Austin Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection ( sm99.jpg).


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