Advantages of the SLIM Model

Advantages of the SLIM model include:

• Provides a comprehensive set of software development management tools that support the entire software program life cycle.

® Helps to enforce good habits within engineering and management team (software project planning, and software project tracking and oversight key process areas within the SEI CMM Level 2).

® Offers value-added effective planning, especially on large projects.

® Uses linear programming, statistical simulation, program evaluation, and review techniques to derive a software cost estimate. (Linear programming allows the user to impose a maximum cost, a maximum schedule, and high and low bounds on staffing, and to have an appropriate range of time and effort solutions returned.)

® Allows "design to cost" if the user elects to enter size and desired number of staff-months.

® Enables a software cost estimator to perform the following functions:

- Calibration—Fine-tune the model to represent the local software development environment by interpreting a historical database of past projects.

- Build—Create an information model of the software system, collecting software characteristics, personal attributes, computer attributes, and so on.

- Software sizing—Use an automated version of the LOC costing technique. ® Allows an organization to tailor life cycle phases and milestones fit a given environment. ® Simplifies strategic decision making.

® Provides an optimal staffing policy in the context of the development environment. ® Supports "what-if analysis. ® Generates reports and graphs for:

- monthly staffing profiles

- monthly budget profiles

- risk profiles for cost, schedule, and effort

- forecasts of software reliability

- forecasts of beginning and ending milestones ® Provides defect rate information.

® SLIM will output minimal time and associated cost and effort, including a sensitivity analysis showing how the values change as the size estimate varies from one to three standard deviations.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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