Hovering over the Project Team

Smothering your project team can be just as detrimental to your project management success as hiding from your project team. If you want to kill your chances for managing a successful software project l Don't worry about teaching leadership; it's not really your job, anyway. Some project managers like to strike a balance between offering guidance and support and allowing team members to learn from their mistakes. Others, like you, just micromanage every detail.

l Don't concern yourself with affording your team members with the opportunity to demonstrate their creative problem-solving skills.

Enabling team members to use their knowledge, education, and experience to complete their assigned tasks would be good for their personal and professional development. Which would be good for the project. Which you don't want.

i Cripple your staff's ability to do anything, large or small, without your approval. Don't show team members that you trust their judgment to make important decisions. Whatever you do, don't let them act on those decisions without your approval.

i When in doubt, hover. Breathe down their necks and look over their shoulders. These actions afford you with the chance to gaze at all their family photos and the knickknacks on their desks.

When you hover over your project team, all kinds of great things start to happen. Team members will begin to come to you every time they have a simple question, such as:

i What color should I make the heading of this section? i Should I have three lines of comments in this section or two? i Does this look better with four radio buttons or should I remove one? i Can you make Bob stop looking at me funny at meetings?

Remember that you have a dual role as a manager and a leader. If you are doing a superb job of leading your team (motivating, inspiring, and directing them), then you can focus more time on managing the project. Team members will recognize that you have the confidence in them to do their work successfully.

On the other hand, if you hover over your team, you take a chance on:

i Frustrating team members. i Creating an atmosphere of mistrust.

i Encouraging team members to come to you for even the simplest questions.

i Forcing your team members to become robots who never have to think on their own because they have someone else to do that for them.

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