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If you're already a project manager or work on project teams as a developer or in some other capacity, you probably know several project managers. Conduct an informal poll: Of all the project managers with whom you are familiar, how many have their PMP certification? Probably not many. The PMP certification isn't an easy qualification to obtain. This certification is the top of the line because it's so difficult to obtain, and it is very highly regarded.

Earning the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a challenging and arduous feat. First, before you can even start the certification process, you have to have worked as a project manager for a predefined number of hours. The conventional wisdom is that as you continue to work as a project manager and gain experience in the field, you will become better at being a project management professional. After all, most people learn best through experience, so you should become better at project management the longer you do it, right?

When you become a PMP, you also pledge to abide by the PMI code of profes-

Í\ sional conduct. You can find out more about the PMI code of conduct from

) the PMI Web site and from almost every PMP certification study guide on the / market.

Some of the other requirements for obtaining PMP certification are

^ High school diploma or a comparable certification.

^ At least 35 hours of project management education.

^ A minimum of 7,500 hours working in a leadership role and providing direction for particular types of tasks.

^ At least 60 months of project management experience.

PMI randomly audits applications, so be sure to keep all of your documentation.

^ You must pass the PMP certification exam, which consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. The questions you get are random, so if you and your best buddy take the exam at the same time in the same location, you won't be asked the same questions.

If you have a baccalaureate degree (otherwise known as a bachelor's degree), you only have to work 4,500 hours in a leadership role. And instead of 60 months of project management experience, you'll only need 36 months.

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