Dealing with pure risks in software projects

All right, we admit that you won't have too many pure risks in software projects. Although some programmers might whine that they're typing their fingers off, aside of the danger of carpal tunnel syndrome, there's really not any risk of loss of life or limb.

Some MBA types may argue that you still have pure risks in software projects because folks could steal software, steal hardware, or get electrocuted when they spill their coffee on their PC. Sure. And we may win the lottery if we ever play. For the most part, however, you won't have to worry too much about pure risks — unless you're just the worrying type.

Just because you likely won't have pure risks in your software project doesn't mean you shouldn't look for pure risks. When you conduct a risk assessment, you should consider the project deliverable. For example, will your software be used in environments where life and limb depend on your software? Consider health care, fire and police stations, and even manufacturing.

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