The Vprocess model

Figure 4.3 gives a diagrammatic representation of this model. This is an elaboration of the waterfall model and stresses the necessity for validation activities that match the activities that create the products of the project.

Figure 4.3 The V-process model.

The V-process model can be seen as expanding the testing activity in the waterfall model, Hach step has a matching validation process that can. where defects are found, cause a loop back to the corresponding development stage and a reworking of the succeeding steps. Ideally, this feeding back should only occur where a discrepancy has been found between what was specified by a particular activity and what was actually implemented in the next lower activity on the descent of the V loop. For example, the system designer might have written that a calculation be carried out in a certain way. The person who structured the software that fulfilled this design might have misunderstood what was required. At system testing stage, the system designer would carry out checks that ensure that the software is doing what was specified in the design document and would discover the program designer's misreading of that document. Only corrections should be fed back, not the system designer's second thoughts, otherwise the project would be slipping into an 'evolutionary prototyping' approach.

Figure 4.3 shows the V-process model. The rev iew that is held after the system has Exercise 4.4 been implemented is shown as possibly feeding corrections back to the feasibility study which was probably conducted months or years before. How would this work in practice?

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