Selecting the most appropriate process model

See Appendixes C and D for overviews of Euromethod and ISO 12207. both of which offer advice on process model selection.

Both Kuromethod and ISO 12207 provide advice on this.

Huromethod distinguishes between the construction of an application and its installation. It is possible to use different approaches for these two stages. Tor example, an application could be constructed using a one-shot strategy but then be released to its users in increments. The only combinations of construction and installation strategies that are not feasible are evolutionary installation with any other construction approach than evolutionary.

In general. Kuromethod suggests that where uncertainty is high then an evolutionary approach is to be favoured. An example of uncertainty would be w here the users' requirements are not clearly defined. Where the requirements are relatively certain but there are many complexities, for example, where there is a large embedded system that is going to need a large amount of code, then an incremental approach might be favoured. Where deadlines are tight, then either an evolutionary or an incremental approach is favoured over a one-shot strategy, as both tactics should allow at least something to be delivered at the deadline, even if it is not all that was originally promised. Students about to plan final year projects would do well to note this.

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