Figure 6.14 Two paths linked by a dummy activity.

Dummy activities, shown as dotted lines an the network diagram, have a zero duration and use no resources. They are often used to aid in the layout of network draw ings as in Figure 6.15. The use of a dummy activity where two activities share the same start and end nodes makes it easier to distinguish the activity end-points.

Figure 6.15 Another use of a dummy activity:

Exercise 6.2

Where parallel activities have a time lag we may show this as a ladder' of activities. In this case documentation may proceed alongside prototype testing so long as it starts at least a day

Figure 6.15 Another use of a dummy activity:

Take another look at Brigette's college payroll activity network fragment, which you developed in lixercise 2.3 (or take a look at the model answer in Figure F.3). Redraw this as a CPM network.

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