Publishing the resource schedule

In allocating and scheduling resources we have used the activity plan (a precedence network in the case of the examples in this chapter), activity bar charts and resource histograms. Although good as planning tools, they are not the best way of publishing and communicating project schedules, For this we need some form of work plan. Work plans are commonly published either as lists or charts such as that illustrated in Figure 8.7. In this case Amanda has chosen not to include activity floats (which could be indicated by shaded bars) as she fears that one or two members of the team might work w ith less urgency if they are aware that their activities are not critical.

Notice that, somewhat unusually, it is assumed there are no public holidays or other non-productive periods during the 100 days of the project and that none of the team has holidays for the periods they are shown as working.

Amanda has also made no explicit allowance for staff taking sick leave.

Amanda now transfers some of the information from the work schedule to her precedence network. In particular, she amends the earliest start dates for activities and any other constraints (such as revised latest finish dates where resources need to be made available) that have been introduced. A copy of her revised precedence network is shown in Figure 8.8 - notice that she has highlighted all critical activities and paths.





Specify module B Speafy module C Design module C System integration

Specify module D Design module D Design module B

Specify module A Design module A

Code S test module A Code & test module B


Code 4 test module C


Code & test module D


Specify overall sysiem Check specifications Check module C spec

Review meetings

Figure 8.8 Amanda \v revised precedence network showing scheduled start and completion dates.

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