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BS 6079 does not have PRINCE 2fs emphasis on the Supplier-Customer relationship. Neither is the concept of a Project Board or steering committee presented. The focus of attention is on the project as a set of activities that cut across the normal functional structures of most organizations. A heavy emphasis is put on the desirability of a matrix management structure« w here staff belong to a particular functional group in the longer term but may be allocated from time to time to multi-disciplinary teams that have been given the responsibility for achieving the objectives of a particular project.

Figure B. 1 BS 6079 project life cycle.

It can be argued that the need to create an environment for successful projects, which can take time, is an important message for the perceived readership of BS 6079.

One usually expects standards to be applicable fairly immediately, but the writers of BS 6079 warn that it might take an organization three to five years to move from a totally functional to a matrix organization. Rather surprisingly for a document that is supposed to be focused on project management, there is a section on the broader topic of how to bring about organizational change. This is an example of where a reference to a fuller treatment in another text w ould have been useful.

The other management role that BS 6079 emphasizes is that of task owners. Each task that is identified as needing doing in a project requires an owner, someone who will be accountable for its successful completion. Figure B.2 shows the relationships among the different project roles as envisaged in BS 6079.

Figure B.2 BS 6079project roles.

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