Maslows hierarchy of needs

Different people are motivated by different things. Clearly money is a very strong motivator when you are broke. However, as the basic need for cash is satisfied, other motivators are likely to emerge. Abraham Maslow. an American psychologist, suggested that there is a hierarchy of needs. As lower levels of needs arc satisfied then gradually higher level needs emerge. If these are then satisfied then yet another level of need will emerge. Basic needs arc for things like food and shelter. The highest level need, according to Maslow, is the need for •self-actualization'. the feeling that you arc completely fulfilling your potential.

In practice, the project leader must realise that people arc likely to be motivated by different things at different stages of their life. For example, salary increases, while always welcome, probably have less of an impact on the more mature employee who is already relatively well-paid, than on a new and lowly-paid trainee. Older team-members might place more value on qualities of the job such as being allowed relative autonomy when they do their work, which shows respect for their judgment and sense of responsibility.

Exercise 11.3

Newspapers often report on the vast sums of money that are paid to the top executives of many companies. Does this mean that these people are at a low level in the Maslow hierarchy of motivation? Do they really need all this money to be motivated? What do you think that the significance of these salaries really is?

Herzberg's two-factor theory

Certain things about a job might make you dissatisfied. If the causes of this dissatisfaction are removed, this does not necessarily make the job more exciting. On the basis of research into job satisfaction that Her/berg and his associates carried out there seemed to be two sets of factors about a job that were of importance:

• hygiene or maintenance factors, which can make you dissatisfied if they are not right, for example, the level of pay or the working conditions;

• motivators, which make you feel that the job is worthwhile, like a sense of achievement or the nature of the work itself.

Brigctte. at Brightmouth College, is in an env ironment where it is difficult to compete w ith the high level of maintenance factors that can be provided by a large organization like IOH. but the smaller organization with its closer contact with the users is often able to provide better motivators.

Identify three incidents or times when you felt particularly pleased or happy about Exercise 11.4 something to do w ith your work or study. Identify three occasions when you were particularly dissatisfied with your work or study. Compare your findings with those of your colleagues and try to identify any patterns.

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