Instruction in the best methods

This is the second concern that we have taken from Taylor. Obviously, there is a difference between loading pig iron (one of Taylor's studies) and writing C programs, but the principle of having established methods and procedures is, we hope, as well understood in software development as in steel-making.

When a new member of the team is recruited, the team leader w ill need to plan that person's induction into the team very carefully. Where a project is already well under way, this might not be easy. However, the effort should be made - it should pay off eventually as the new recruit w ill become a fully effective member of the team more quickly.

The team leader should also be aware of the need to assess continually the training needs of their team members. Just as you formulate a user requirement before considering a new system, and you construct a job holder profile before recruiting a member of staff, so a training needs profile is draw n up for each staff member before you consider specific courses. Some training can be provided by commercial training companies. Where money is tight, other sources of training should be considered but training should not be abandoned altogether even if it consists only of a team member's being told to find out about a new software tool and then demonstrating it to colleagues. Of course the nice thing about external courses is that one gets to talk to colleagues from other organizations - but attending meetings of your local branch of one of the IS/IT professional associations can serve the same purpose.

The methods leamt need, of course, to be actually applied. Reviews and inspections should help to ensure this.

The need to take into account the time needed to acclimatize new staff was stressed in Chapter 8 on resource allocation.

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