Further exercises

1. McCall suggests that simplicity, modularity, instrumentation and self-

descriptiveness are software quality criteria, that is, internal characteristics that pa>mote the external quality of testability.

(a) Fxplain what is meant by each of the four criteria above.

(b) Describe possible measures for each of the criteria.

(c) Describe practical ways in w hich the measures could be assessed.

2. Discuss how meaningful the following measurements are.

(a) The number of error messages produced on the first compilation of a program.

(b) The average effort to implement changes requested by users to a system.

(c) The percentage of lines in program listings that are comments.

For each question, a number of metrics will need to be identified as needing collection in order to answer the question. For instance, to find out how quickly developers have been writing code, development effort and the size of development tasks in terms of the number of function points to be produced might be needed.

(d) The number of pages in a requirements document.

3. How might you measure the effectiveness of a user manual for a software package? Consider both the measurements that might be applicable and the procedures by w hich the measurements might be taken.

4. What might the entry, implementation and exit requirements be for the process design program structure?

5. Identify a task that you do as part of your everyday work. For that task, identify entry, process and exit requirements.

6. What BS EN ISO 9001 requirements have a bearing on the need for an effective configuration management system?

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