Creating critical paths

Scheduling resources can create new critical paths. Delaying the start of an activity because of lack of resources will cause that activity to become critical if this uses up its float. Furthermore, a delay in completing one activity can delay the availability of a resource required for a later activity. If the later one is already critical then the earlier one might now have been made critical by linking their resources.

Amanda's revised schedule, which still calls for four analyst-designers but only for a single day. is illustrated in the solution to Exercise 8.2 (check it in the back of the book if you have not done so already). Notice that in rescheduling some of the activities she has introduced additional critical activities. Delaying the specification of module C has used up all of its float - and that of the subsequent activities along that path! Amanda now has two critical paths - the one shown on the precedence network and the new one.

In a large project, resource-linked criticalities can he quite complex - a hint of the potential problems may be appreciated by looking at the next exercise.

Exercise 8.3 Amanda decides to delay the specification of module C for a further day to ensure that only three analyst-designers will be required. The relevant part of her revised bar chart and resource histogram arc shown in Figure 8.6. Which activities will now be critical?

Week number_

Specify overall system

Schedule Total float

[Specify module A

module 3heck specifications Q Check specification Cl

I I Design module A

I I Design module B

Design module C

Design module D

Figure 8.6 Amanda's pmject scheduled to require three analyst-designers.

Week number

Figure 8.6 Amanda's pmject scheduled to require three analyst-designers.

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