The basic Euromethod model

An organization is perceived as hav ing a number of information systems. These systems will have some procedures that are carried out by people and other

Concern of Euromethod

Flgu re C. 1 Euromethod's area of concent.

elements that are executed via computer systems. An information system, possibly with its embedded computer system, might need to be changed from time to time and these changes are implemented by means of adaptations.

The basis of the idea of an adaptation (as illustrated in Figure C.2) is that an information system - and the knowledge that exists about that system - in a defined initial state is transformed, along with the knowledge about it, into a defined final state. For example, the initial state could include the current manual system and a requirements definition for a new, automated, system and the final state could be the new system after installation. With very large systems.

Inrtial state IS


Fnal stale IS

Knowledge about IS

Knowledge about IS

Figure C.2 Initial and final IS states.

development can be by means of a sequence of adaptations where the final state of one adaptation could be the initial state for the next - see Figure C.3. A danger is that a single adaptation might be too ambitious and EM provides guidance about w here adaptations might be usefully split. One or more adaptations would be the subject of a contract that would have associated w ith it a procurement process where a supplier would be selected and a contract agreed, and the contracted-far products and/or services eventually delivered.

EM aims to produce a plan that punctuates these processes w ith a number of carefully defined decision points where the customer, in co-operation with the supplier, has to make decisions about the direction of the adaptation. These decision points will usually involve the supplier's delivering some product to the customer and this product forms the basis upon w hich the decisions can be based, such as system specifications that need to be approved.

Figure C3 A sequence of IS-adaptations.

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