An overview of the EM acquisition process

In PRINCE 2. a programme' is a portfolio of projects designed to achieve a set of delmed business needs.

In this section, we are going to look briefly at the HM acquisition process. It is stressed that this is only an overv iew and anyone wanting to use the approach in earnest needs to look at the original HM documentation. In EM terms, 'acquisition9 refers to the w hole set of activities that a customer should go through to obtain a system or service. In some ways the HM acquisition process is analogous to a programme in a PRINCE 2 env ironment, in that it can be made up of a number of conventional projects. The system can have several components and some or all of these can be acquired by placing a contract w ith a supplier. Procurement refers to the preparation of an individual contract and the subsequent activities that ensure that the requirements of the contract are fulfilled. The contracted work can involve one or more 'adaptations' and for each of these, an adaptation plan will need to devised and agreed by the supplier and customer. We will look at adaptation planing as a separate topic in its own right in a subsequent section.

The acquisition process starts with two steps: acquisition goal definition, which is broadly concerned with what is required; and acquisition planning, which is concerned with how the requirement is to be achieved.

Figure C.4 The acquisition process is made up of procurements (contracts), each of which can cover one or more adaptations (projects).

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