The Old Way and the

Key Points

I ▲ Conventional software engineering ¡ has numerous well-established principles. Many are still valid; others are ! obsolete. ▲ A modern software management process will incorporate many conven-¡ tional principles but will also transition l to some substantially new approaches.

software features produced more rapidly under more competitive pressure to reduce cost. In the commercial software industry, the combination of competitive pressures, profitability, diversity of customers, and rapidly changing technology caused many organizations to initiate new management approaches. In the defense and aerospace industries, many systems required a new management paradigm to respond to budget pressures, the dynamic and diverse threat environment, the long operational lifetime of systems, and the predominance of large-scale, complex applications.

Over the past two decades there has been a significant re-engineering of the software development process. Many of the conventional management and technical practices have been replaced by new approaches that combine recurring themes of successful project experience with advances in software engineering technology. This transition was motivated by the insatiable demand for more

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    What are the old ways.of software management?
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