Technologies On Successful Projects

No historical software measurement data *

Accurate software measurement*

Failure to use automated estimating tools'*

Early use of estimating tools*

Failure to use automated planning tools*

Continuous use of planning tools*

Failure to monitor progress or milestones*

Formal progress reporting*

Failure to use effective architecture*

Formal architecture planning*

Failure to use effective development methods*

Formal development methods*

Failure to use design reviews

Formal design reviews

Failure to use code inspections

Formal code inspections

Failure to include formal risk management*

Formal risk management*

Informal, inadequate testing

Formal testing methods

Manual design and specification

Automated design and specifications

¡Failure to use formal configuration control*

Automated configuration control*

More than 30% creep in user requirements*

Less than 10% creep in user requirements*

Inappropriate use of 4GLs

Use of suitable languages

Excessive and unmeasured complexity

Controlled and measured complexity

Little or no reuse of certified materials

Significant reuse of certified materials

Failure to define database elements

Formal database planning

"■Project management factors !

"■Project management factors !

The patterns of success and failure are evaluated from many different perspectives. The differences among the six subindustries and among projects of different scale are described in detail by Jones. One striking message is the commonality of these factors across all domains.

While I agree with most of the overall message summarized in the two tables, my opinion differs somewhat on the relative importance of the various factors and the implementation details associated with applying some technologies successfully. For example, the top three factors in Table A-l may be the most common characteristics, but I do not think they are the most important discriminators of success and failure. My views are presented in Chapter 4.

Table A-2. Social factors observed on

software projects

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