Tailoring the Process

Software management efforts span a broad range of domains. While there are some universal themes and techniques, it is always necessary to tailor the process to the specific needs of the project at hand. A commercial software tool developer with complete control of its investment profile will use a very different process from that of a software integrator on contract to automate the security system for a nuclear power plant. There is no doubt that a mature process and effective software management approaches offer much greater value to the large-scale software integrator than they do to the small-scale tool developer. Nevertheless, relative to their business goals, the return on investment realized by better software management approaches is worthwhile for any software organization.

Key Points

▲ The process framework must be configured to the specific characteristics of the project.

▲ The scale of the project—in particular, team size—drives the process configuration more than any other factor.

▲ Other key factors include stakeholder relationships, process flexibility, process maturity, architectural risk, and domain experience.

AWhile specific process implementations will vary, the spirit underlying the process is the same.

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