Stakeholder Environment Development Environment

I Management 1 Artifact Releases

Electronic Exchange

Tool Subset

I Management | Artifact Baselines

Workflow automation, metrics automation Change management, document automation

Requirements management | Visual modeling-

Editor-compiler-debugger 1 I Test automation, defect tracking"

Stakeholder Activities

• Configuration control board participation

• Test scenario development

• Risk management analysis

• Metrics trend analysis

• Artifact reviews, analyses, audits

• Independent alpha and beta testing

Figure 12-6. Extending environments into stakeholder domains

Defect tracking

Environment Tools and Process Automation

• Technical artifacts are not just paper. Electronic artifacts in rigorous notations such as visual models and source code are viewed far more efficiently by using tools with smart browsers.

• Independent assessments of the evolving artifacts are encouraged by electronic read-only access to on-line data such as configuration baseline libraries and the change management database. Reviews and inspections, breakage/rework assessments, metrics analyses, and even beta testing can be performed independently of the development team.

• Even paper documents should be delivered electronically to reduce production costs and turnaround time.

Once environment resources are electronically accessible by stakeholders, continuous and expedient feedback is much more efficient, tangible, and useful. In implementing such a shared environment, it is important for development teams to create an open environment and provide adequate resources that accommodate customer access. It is also important for stakeholders to avoid abusing this access, to participate by adding value, and to avoid interrupting development. Internet and intranet technology is making paperless environments economical.

Extending environment resources into stakeholder domains brings up several issues. How much access freedom is supported? Who funds the environment and tool investments? How secure is the information exchange? How is change management synchronized? Some of these cultural changes are discussed in Chapter 17.

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