Software Process Workflows

Previous chapters introduced a life-cycle macroprocess and the fundamental sets of artifacts. The macroprocess comprises discrete phases and iterations, but not discrete activities. A continuum of activities occurs in each phase and iteration. The next-level process description is the microprocesses, or workflows, that produce the artifacts. The term workflow is used to mean a thread of cohesive and mostly sequential activities. Workflows are mapped to product artifacts as described in Chapter 6 and to project teams as described in Chapter 11. There are seven top-level workflows:

1. Management workflow: controlling the process and ensuring win conditions for all stakeholders

2. Environment workflow: automating the process and evolving the maintenance environment

3. Requirements workflow: analyzing the problem space and evolving the requirements artifacts

4. Design workflow: modeling the solution and evolving the architecture and design artifacts

5. Implementation workflow: programming the components and evolving the implementation and deployment artifacts

6. Assessment workflow: assessing the trends in process and product quality

7. Deployment workflow: transitioning the end products to the user

Figure 8-1 illustrates the relative levels of effort expected across the phases in each of the top-level workflows. It represents one of the key signatures of a modern process framework and provides a viewpoint from which to discuss several of the key principles introduced in Chapter 4.

1. Architecture-first approach. Extensive requirements analysis, design, implementation, and assessment activities are performed before the construction phase, when full-scale implementation is ,the focus. This early life-cycle focus on implementing and testing the architecture must precede full-scale


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