Modern Project Profiles

Chapter 1 presented five recurring issues of conventional projects. A modern process framework exploits several critical approaches for resolving these issues:

1. Protracted integration and late design breakage are resolved by forcing integration into the engineering stage. This is achieved through continuous integration of an architecture baseline supported by executable demonstrations of the primary scenarios.

2. Late risk resolution is resolved by empha-

Key Points

▲ In modern project profiles, positive and negative trends will be more tangible early in the life cycle.

▲ Integration that occurs early and continuously serves as the verification activity of the design artifacts.

▲ Most of the critical risks will be resolved by the end of the elaboration phase. The construction and transition phases, during which there is generally the most cost risk, should be free of surprises.

▲ Major milestones focus on demonstrated results.

sizing an architecture-first approach, in which the high-leverage elements of the system are elaborated early in the life cycle.

3. The analysis paralysis of a requirements-driven functional decomposition is avoided by organizing lower level specifications along the content of releases rather than along the product decomposition (by subsystem, by component, etc.).

4. Adversarial stakeholder relationships are avoided by providing much more tangible and objective results throughout the life cycle.

5. The conventional focus on documents and review meetings is replaced by a focus on demonstrable results and well-defined sets of artifacts, with more-rigorous notations and extensive automation supporting a paperless environment.

The ways in which healthy modern projects resolve these five issues are discussed in more detail next. Because the resolutions of issues 4 and 5 are tightly coupled, they are discussed together in Section 15.4. Sections 15.5 and 15.6 discuss modern projects in the context of my top 10 software management principles and an alternative set of software best practices.

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