Modern Process Transitions

Successful software management is hard work. Technical breakthroughs, process breakthroughs, and new tools will make it easier, but management discipline will continue to be the crux of software project success. New technological advances will be accompanied by new opportunities for software applications, new dimensions of complexity, new avenues of automation, and new customers with different priorities. Accommodating these changes will perturb many of our ingrained software management values and priorities. However, striking a balance among requirements, designs, and plans will remain the underlying objective of future software management endeavors, just as it is today.

The software management framework I have presented in this book is not revolutionary; numerous projects have been practicing some of these disciplines for years. However, many of the techniques and disciplines suggested herein will necessitate a significant paradigm shift. Some of these changes will be resisted by certain stakeholders or by certain factions within a project or organization. It is not always easy to separate cultural resistance from objective resistance. This chapter summarizes some of the important culture shifts to be prepared for in order to avoid as many sources of friction as possible in transitioning successfully to a modern process.

Key Points

▲ The transition to modern software

1 processes and technologies necessitates i several culture shifts that will not ; always be easy to achieve.

▲ Lessons learned in transitioning organizations to a modern process have exposed several recurring themes of success that represent important culture

( shifts from conventional practice.

▲ A significant transition should be attempted on a significant project. Pilot i projects do not generally attract top tal-; ent, and top talent is crucial to the success of any significant transition.

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