List Of Figures Xv

FIGURE 13-8 Maturity expectation over a healthy project's life cycle 198

FIGURE 13-9 Examples of the fundamental metrics classes 205

FIGURE 13-10 Example SPCP display for a top-level project situation 206

FIGURE 14-1 The two primary dimensions of process variability 210

FIGURE 14-2 Priorities for tailoring the process framework 211

FIGURE 15-1 Progress profile of a modern project 226

FIGURE 15-2 Risk profile of a typical modern project across its life cycle 229

FIGURE 15-3 Organization of software components resulting from a modern process 230

FIGURE 15-4 Balanced application of modern principles to achieve economic results 233

FIGURE 16-1 Next-generation cost models 239

FIGURE 16-2 Differentiating potential solutions through cost estimation 240

FIGURE 16-3 Automation of the construction process in next-generation environments 242

FIGURE 17-1 Next-generation project performance 252

FIGURE B-1 Profile of a conventional project 270

FIGURE B-2 Software estimation over a project life cycle 276

FIGURE B-3 COCOMO II estimation over a project life cycle 276

FIGU RE C-1 Expected trends for in-progress indicators 294

FIGURE C-2 Expectations for quality trends 295

FIGURE D-1 CCPDS-R life-cycle overview 302

FIGURE D-2 Full-scale development phase project organization 306

FIGURE D-3 Common Subsystem SAS evolution 309

FIGURE D-4 Overview of the CCPDS-R macroprocess, milestones, and schedule 311

FIGURE D-5 Common Subsystem builds 313

FIGURE D-6 Basic activities sequence for an individual build 315

FIGURE D-7 Incremental baseline evolution and test activity flow 322

FIGURE D-8 CCPDS-R first demonstration activities and schedule 330

FIGURE D-9 Development progress summary 339

FIGURE D-10 Common Subsystem development progress 340

FIGURE D-11 Common Subsystem test progress 342

FIGURE D-12 Common Subsystem stability 343

FIGURE D-13 Common Subsystem modularity 344

FIGURE D-14 Common Subsystem adaptability 345

FIGURE D-15 Common Subsystem maturity 346

FIGURE D-16 Common Subsystem SCO change profile 355

FIGURE E-l Project performance expectations for CMM maturity levels 365

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