B. Human resources (organization, staffing plan, training plan)

Figure 6-6. Typical software development plan outline

Figure 6-6. Typical software development plan outline odic updating (it is not stagnant shelfware) and understanding and acceptance by managers and practitioners alike. Figure 6-6 provides a default outline for a software development plan.

Release Descriptions

Release description documents describe the results of each release, including performance against each of the evaluation criteria in the corresponding release specification. Release baselines should be accompanied by a release description document that describes the evaluation criteria for that configuration baseline and provides substantiation (through demonstration, testing, inspection, or analysis) that each criterion has been addressed in an acceptable manner. This document should also include a metrics summary that quantifies its quality in absolute and relative terms (compared to the previous versions, if any). The results of a post-mortem review of any release would be documented here, including outstanding issues, recommendations for process and product improvement, trade-offs in addressing evaluation criteria, follow-up actions, and similar information. Figure 6-7 provides a default outline for a release description.

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