D.8.4 CSCI Productivities and Quality Factors

Table D-14 summarizes some of the CCPDS-R CSCI quality and productivity data. Productivities for the CSCIs are not absolute; for comparison purposes, they are normalized relative to the overall subsystem productivity. The subsystem productivity is based on a total effort of approximately 1,800 staff-months. This includes all management, development, and test resources. The individual productivities of each CSCI

<4 hours 4 to 8 8 to 16 16 to 40 40 to 80 80 to 160 >160 hours Figure D-16. Common Subsystem SCO change profile were normalized. Productivities are described from two perspectives: SLOC per staff-month and ESLOC per staff-month. These data and my own experience lead me to the following conclusions:

• NAS was an extremely complex software engineering problem, requiring and achieving both high performance and reusability. It had an exceptional team, was based on an existing prototype, and had adequate schedule.

Table D-14. Common Subsystem CSCI summary

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