Example Smallscale Project Versus Largescale Project

An analysis of the differences between the phases, workflows, and artifacts of two projects on opposite ends of the management complexity spectrum shows how different two software project processes can be. The following gross generalizations are intended to point out some of the dimensions of flexibility, priority, and fidelity that can change when a process framework is applied to different applications, projects, and domains.

Table 14-7 illustrates the differences in schedule distribution for large and small projects across the life-cycle phases. A small commercial project (for example, a 50,000 source-line Visual Basic Windows application, built by a team of five) may require only 1 month of inception, 2 months of elaboration, 5 months of construction, and 2 months of transition. A large, complex project (for example, a 300,000 source-line embedded avionics program, built by a team of 40) could require 8 months

Table 14-7. Schedule distribution across phases for small and large projects

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