Evolution Of Organizations

The project organization represents the architecture of the team and needs to evolve consistent with the project plan captured in the work breakdown structure. Figure 11-7 illustrates how the team's center of gravity shifts over the life cycle, with about 50% of the staff assigned to one set of activities in each phase. A different set of activities is emphasized in each phase, as follows:

• Inception team: an organization focused on planning, with enough support from the other teams to ensure that the plans represent a consensus of all perspectives

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Figure 11-7. Software project team evolution over the life cycle

• Elaboration team: an architecture-focused organization in which the driving forces of the project reside in the software architecture team and .are supported by the software development and software assessment teams as necessary to achieve a stable architecture baseline

• Construction team: a fairly balanced organization in which most of the activity resides in the software development and software assessment teams

• Transition team: a customer-focused organization in which usage feedback drives the deployment activities

It is equally important to elaborate the details of subteams, responsibilities, and work packages, but not until the planning details in the WBS are stable. Defining all the details of lower level team structures prematurely can result in serious downstream inefficiencies.

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