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Next-generation software economics is being practiced by some advanced software organizations. Many of the techniques, processes, and methods described in this book's process framework have been practiced for several years. However, a mature, modern process is nowhere near the state of the practice for the average software organization. This chapter introduces several provocative hypotheses about the future of software economics. A general structure is proposed for a cost estimation model that would be better suited to the process framework in this book. I think this new approach would improve the !

accuracy and precision of software cost estimates, and would accommodate dramatic improvements in software economies of scale. Such improvements will be enabled by advances in software development environments. Finally, I look again at Boehm's benchmarks of conventional software project performance and describe, in objective terms, how the process framework should improve the overall software economics achieved by a project or organization.

Key Points

▲ Next-generation software economics should reflect better economies of scale and improved return on investment profiles. These are the real indicators of a mature industry.

▲ Further technology advances in round-trip engineering are critical to making the next quantum leap in software economics.

▲ Future cost estimation models need to be based on better primitive units defined from well-understood software engineering notations such as the Unified Modeling Language.

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