People Factors

CCPDS-R used two unique approaches to managing its people. The first was the core team concept, which focused on leveraging the skills of a few experts across the entire team. The second was targeted at actively avoiding attrition. CCPDS-R was TRW's first large Ada project, and management was concerned that personnel trained by the project would become attractive targets for opportunities elsewhere inside and outside the company. To incentivize people to remain on the project for a long time, the CCPDS-R project instituted an award fee flowdown program.

As a result of the overall management approach to CCPDS-R, there was very little attrition of people across the Common Subsystem, with most of the engineering team transitioning to new assignments at planned points in the life cycle. Contrary to initial expectations, the PDS and STRATCOM subsystems were overlapped enough with the Common Subsystem that most of the people employed were new to the project. The one instance of attrition was the transition of the core architecture team (five NAS experts) back to internally funded research and development projects to productize the NAS CSCI into a commercially available middleware product. This occurred around the time of the CDR milestone.

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