Figure 13-2. The basic parameters of an earned value system

I tracked the status of each part (a sequence of related chapters) using the following states and earned values (the percent complete earned):

• 50%: draft content; author has completed first draft text and art

• 65%: initial text baseline; initial text editing complete

• 75%: reviewable baseline; text and art editing complete

• 80%: updated baseline; cross-chapter consistency checked

• 90%: reviewed baseline; author has incorporated external reviewer comments

• 100%: final edit; editor has completed a final cleanup pass

The "percent complete" assessments were ■ assigned subjectively based on my experience writing complex documents. I planned to work for 10 months and spend $10,000 for supporting labor. Table 13-2 illustrates my progress and associated earned value at month 4 of this effort. Although I had drafted about 400 pages of the total 425,1 assessed my progress at only 60% complete, taking a weighted average.

If I had plotted a plan for my expenditure profile over time as in Figure 13-2,1 could easily have assessed whether I was on schedule and on budget. Figure 13-3 illus-

Table 13-2. Measurement of actual progress of book development (example)






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