Ccpdsr Case Study

This appendix presents a detailed case study of a successful software project that followed many of the techniques presented in this book. Successful here means on budget, on schedule, and satisfactory to the customer. The Command Center Processing and Display Sys-tem-Replacement (CCPDS-R) project was performed for the U.S. Air Force by TRW Space and Defense in Redondo Beach, California. The entire project included systems engineering, hardware procurement, and software development, with each of these three major activities consuming about one-third of the total cost. The schedule spanned 1987 through 1994.

The software effort included the development of three distinct software systems totaling more than one million source lines of code. This case study focuses on the initial software development, called the Common Subsystem, for which about 355,000 source lines were developed. The Common Subsystem effort also produced a reusable architecture, a mature process, and an integrated environment for efficient development of the two software subsystems of roughly similar size that followed. This case study therefore represents about one-sixth of the overall CCPDS-R project effort.

Although this case study does not coincide exactly with the management process presented in this book nor with all of today's modern technologies, it used most of the same techniques and was managed to the same spirit and priorities. TRW delivered

Key Points a An objective case study is a true indicator of a mature organization and a mature project process. The software industry needs more case studies like CGPDS-R.

a The metrics histories were all derived directly from the artifacts of the project's process. These data were used to manage the project and were embraced by practitioners, managers, and stakeholders.

a CCPDS-R was one of the pioneering projects that practiced many modern management approaches. a This appendix provides a practical context that is relevant to the techniques, disciplines, and opinions provided throughout this book.

the system on budget and on schedule, and the users got more than they expected. TRW was awarded the Space and Missile Warning Systems Award for Excellence in 1991 for "continued, sustained performance in overall systems engineering and project execution." A project like CCPDS-R could be developed far more efficiently today. By incorporating current technologies and improved processes, environments, and levels of automation, this project could probably be built today with equal quality in half the time and at a quarter of the cost.

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