Basic Performance Level

1 Initial


Unpredictable, high risk

2 Repeatable


Treading water, but surviving

3 Defined


Stable, predictable, progressing

4 Managed


Very predictable, trustworthy

5 Optimizing


Continuously improving

my top 10 principles for a modern process are not addressed at the levels they deserve. Another drawback is the inherent depiction of configuration management and quality assurance as disciplines that are separate from, rather than integral to, all activities of the process.

In practice, the real indicator of process maturity is the level of predictability in project performance. Correlating project performance to the five levels of CMM maturity should demonstrate the following trends:

• Level 1 has random (unpredictable) performance.

• Level 2 achieves repeatable performance from project to project.

• Level 3 shows better performance on successive projects in terms of cost, schedule, or quality.

• Level 4 demonstrates project performance that improves on subsequent projects either substantially in one dimension of performance or significantly across multiple dimensions (for example, cost and quality).

• Level 5 corresponds to off-scale performance on subsequent projects or substantial improvement across all dimensions. Level 5 organizations almost always occupy a very narrow niche.

Figure E-l summarizes the project performance expected for successive projects of an organization at a given maturity level.

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