Cocomo Ii

appendix c Change Metrics 283

C.l Overview 284

C.2 Metrics Derivation 286

C.2.1 Collected Statistics 288

C.2.2 End-Product Quality Metrics 291

C.2.3 In-Progress Indicators 293

C.3 Pragmatic Change Metrics 297

appendix d CCPDS-R Case Study 299

D.l Context for the Case Study 300

D.2 Common Subsystem Overview 301

D.3 Project Organization 304

D.4 Common Subsystem Product Overview 305

D.5 Process Overview 310

D.5.1 Risk Management: Build Content 312

D.5.2 The Incremental Design Process 315

D.5.3 Component Evolution 318

D.5.4 The Incremental Test Process 321

D.5.5 DOD-STD-2167A Artifacts 323

D.6 Demonstration-Based Assessment 326

D.7 Core Metrics 337

D.7.1 Development Progress 338

D.7.2 Test Progress 340

D.7.3 Stability 343

D.7.4 Modularity 343

D.7.5 Adaptability 344

D.7.6 Maturity 345

D.7.7 Cost/Effort Expenditures by Activity 345

D.8 Other Metrics 348

D.8.1 Software Size Evolution 348

D.8.2 Subsystem Process Improvements 352

D.8.3 SCO Resolution Profile 353

D.8.4 CSCI Productivities and Quality Factors 354

D.9 People Factors 356

D.9.1 Core Team 357

D.9.2 Award Fee Flowdown Plan 358

D.10 Conclusions 359

appendix e Process Improvement and Mapping to the CMM 363

E.l CMM Overview 363

E.2 Pragmatic Process Improvement 366

E.3 Maturity Questionnaire 367

E.4 Questions Not Asked by the Maturity Questionnaire 387

E.5 Overall Process Assessment 390

Glossary 391

References 397

Index 401

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