In the mid-1980s, TRW confronted the challenge of transitioning several projects to Ada. In some cases, a government mandate was the forcing function. (These projects tended to struggle.) In other cases, the project engineers believed that Ada technology was critical to a competitive bid and successful performance. (These projects tended to succeed.) I developed the first prototype of Ada COCOMO on an internal research and development project in 1985. The purpose of this effort was to provide a framework for convincing TRW management and a government customer that the cost benefits of using Ada on a specific large-scale project were significant, and that proposing

Example: lOO.OOO-SLOC project that requires 972 staff-months of effort and 30 months of schedule


= 2.8 EAF (KDSI)1 2 , =2.8 (1.28) (100)12 = 900 staff-months of development effort + 72 staff-months for plans, requirements = 972 staff-months of total effort

Cost Driver

Setting Effect

The total EAF (1.28 in this example) is the product of all the individual cost-driver effects.


= 2.5 (Effort)0-32 = 2.5 (900)° 32 = 22 months of development schedule + 8 months for plans, requirements = 30 months

Cost Driver

Setting Effect

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