Architectures Chapters Workflows Of The Process chapter Checkpoints Of The Process

Standardizing on a common process is a courageous undertaking for a software organization, and there is a wide spectrum of implementations. The process framework recommended in this book comprises only a handful of specific standards: life-cycle phases, life-cycle artifacts, life-cycle workflows, and life-cycle checkpoints. These elements are key discriminators in making the transition from the conventional approach to an iterative, line-of-business approach. I have seen organizations attempt to do less (too little, or no, standardization) and more (too much standardization), with little success in improving software return on investment. Process standardization requires a balanced approach.

The chapters in Part II describe the framework of a modern, iterative software management process: the life-cycle phases, the artifacts, the workflows, and the checkpoints. Architecture first is a key theme integrated throughout these chapters, and a chapter on architecture is sandwiched in with the others. Although this book is not intended to be about architecture, the management perspective of architecture and of the architecture's emphasis is vital to the success of the whole approach.

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