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Assessments Periodic synchronization of stakeholder expectations Figure 9-1. A typical sequence of life-cycle checkpoints stakeholders on the current state of the project. Different stakeholders have very different concerns:

• Customers: schedule and budget estimates, feasibility, risk assessment, requirements understanding, progress, product line compatibility

• Users: consistency with requirements and usage scenarios, potential for accommodating growth, quality attributes

• Architects and systems engineers: product line compatibility, requirements changes, trade-off analyses, completeness and consistency, balance among risk, quality, and usability

• Developers: sufficiency of requirements detail and usage scenario descriptions, frameworks for component selection or development, resolution of development risk, product line compatibility, sufficiency of the development environment

• Maintainers: sufficiency of product and documentation artifacts, under-standability, interoperability with existing systems, sufficiency of maintenance environment

• Others: possibly many other perspectives by stakeholders such as regulatory agencies, independent verification and validation contractors, venture capital investors, subcontractors, associate contractors, and sales and marketing teams

The milestones described in this section may be conducted as one continuous meeting of all concerned parties or incrementally through mostly on-line review of the various artifacts. There are considerable differences in the levels of ceremony for these

Table 9-1. The general status of plans, requirements, and products across the major milestones



understanding of problem space (requirements)

solution space progress (software product)

Life-cycle objectives milestone

Definition of stakeholder responsibilities

Low-fidelity life-cycle plan

Baseline vision, including growth vectors, quality attributes, and priorities

Demonstration of at least one feasible architecture

Make/buy/reuse trade-offs

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Project Management Made Easy

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