Steps and Execute plan and Lower levels of planning

Once the project is under way, plans will need to be drawn up in greater detail for each activity as it becomes due. Detailed planning of the later stages will have to be delayed because more information will be available nearer the start of the stage. Of course, it is necessary to make provisional plans for the more distant tasks, because thinking about what has to be done can help unearth potential problems, but sight should not be lost of the fact that these plans are provisional.

While work is going on with the specification of the individual modules, Amanda Case Study Examples: has some time to start planning the integration tests in some detail. She finds that, Lower level planning in fact, integration testing of two of the six new or amended modules will be independent of the others. Testing of these two can start when they are ready without waiting for the remainder.

When Brigette comes to consider the activity 'draft invitation to tender', she has to familiarize herself with the detailed institutional rules and procedures that govern this process. She finds that, to draft this document, she will need to obtain some additional information from the users.

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