Step Select project

Chapter 3 discusses This is called Step 0 because in a way it is outside the main project planning project evaluation in more process. Projects are not initiated out of thin air - some activity has to take place detail. before deciding that this project rather than another is worth undertaking. This project evaluation may be done on an individual basis or as part of strategic planning.

2.2 Step 0: Select project

Table 2.1 An outline of Step Wise planning activities

Step Activities within step

0 Select project

1 Identify project scope and objectives

1.1 Identify objectives and measures of effectiveness in meeting them

1.2 Establish a project authority

1.3 Identify all stakeholders in the project and their interests

1.4 Modify objectives in the light of stakeholder analysis

1.5 Establish methods of communications with all parties

2 Identify project infrastructure

2.1 Establish relationship between project and strategic planning

2.2 Identify installation standards and procedures

2.3 Identify project team organization

3 Analyse project characteristics

3.1 Distinguish the project as either objective- or product-driven

3.2 Analyse other project characteristics

3.3 Identify high level project risks

3.4 Take into account user requirements concerning implementation

3.5 Select general lifecycle approach

3.6 Review overall resource estimates

4 Identify project products and activities

4.1 Identify and describe project products (or deliverables)

4.2 Document generic product flows

4.3 Recognize product instances

4.4 Produce ideal activity network

4.5 Modify ideal to take into account need for stages and checkpoints

5 Estimate effort for each activity

5.1 Carry out bottom-up estimates

5.2 Revise plan to create controllable activities

6 Identify activity risks

6.1 Identify and quantify activity-based risks

6.2 Plan risk reduction and contingency measures where appropriate

6.3 Adjust plans and estimates to take account of risks

7 Allocate resources

7.1 Identify and allocate resources

7.2 Revise plans and estimates to account for resource constraints

8 Review/publicize plan

8.1 Review quality aspects of project plan

8.2 Document plans and obtain agreement

9 Execute plan

10 Lower levels of planning

Figure 2.1 will be revisited in subsequent chapters where we will highlight and describe the individual steps in the Step Wise framework.

Identify project scope and objectives

Select project

Identify project infrastructure

Analyse project characteristics


Lower level detail

Figure 2.1 An overview of Step Wise.

Identify the products and activities

Allocate resources

Review/ publicize plan

Identify the products and activities


effort for




/ Identify

activity risks

Allocate resources

For each activity

Figure 2.1 An overview of Step Wise.

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