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Step 8.1 : Review quality aspects of the project plan

A danger when controlling any project is that an activity can reveal that an earlier activity was not properly completed and needs to be reworked. This, at a stroke, can transform a project that appears to be progressing satisfactorily into one that is badly out of control. It is important to know that when a task is reported as completed, it really is - hence the importance of quality reviews. Each task should have 'exit requirements'. These are quality checks that have to be passed before the activity can be 'signed off as completed.

Case Study Example: IOE existing quality standards

Amanda finds that at IOE, the Quality Standards and Procedures Manual lays down quality criteria for each type of task. For example, all module design documentation has to be reviewed by a group of colleagues before the coding of that module can commence.

Exercise 2.5

Brigette has no installation standards to help her apart from the minimal ones she has written herself. What quality checks might Brigette introduce to ensure that she has understood the users' requirements properly?

Step 8.2: Document plans and obtain agreement

It is important that the plans be carefully documented and that all the parties to the project understand and agree to the commitments required of them in the plan.

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