Network planning models

CPM was developed by the Du Pont Chemical Company who published the method in 1958, claiming that it had saved them $1 million in its first year of use.

These project scheduling techniques model the project's activities and their relationships as a network. In the network, time flows from left to right. These techniques were originally developed in the 1950s - the two best known being CPM (Critical Path Method) and PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique). More recently a variation on these techniques, called precedence networks, has become popular and it is this method that is adopted in the majority of computer applications currently available. All three methods are very similar and it must be admitted that many people use the same name (particularly CPM) indiscriminately to refer to any or all of the methods.

In the following sections of this chapter, we will look at the critical path method and precedence networks - a discussion of PERT will be reserved for Chapter 7 when we look at risk analysis.

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