We are going to examine some of the problems that Amanda and Brigette could meet when dealing with the staff who will be working for them. Where possible we will see if the findings of researchers can provide any ideas about what to do.

First, we will look at some aspects of organizational behaviour (OB) research. There will be three concerns: staff selection, staff development and, which will be dealt with in more detail, staff motivation.

We will look at how the project leader can encourage effective group working and decision making while balancing this, where needed, by purposeful leadership. The final part of the chapter looks at some of the more formal aspects of organizational structures.

The issues raised in this chapter have impacts at all stages of project planning and execution but in particular at the following points (see also Figure 11.1):

• although perhaps having little control over organizational structure, the project leader needs to be aware of its implications (Step 2);

• the scope and nature of activities can be set in a way that will enhance staff motivation (Step 4);

• many risks to project success relate to staffing (Step 6);

• the qualities of individual members of staff should be taken into account when allocating staff to activities (Step 7).

Figure 11.1 Some places in the Step Wise framework where staffing concerns are important.

Figure 11.1 Some places in the Step Wise framework where staffing concerns are important.

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