The development of software in-house suggests that the project has certain characteristics:

• the project team and the users belong to the same organization;

• the projects being considered slot into a portfolio of existing computer-based systems;

• the methodologies and technologies to be used are not selected by the project manager, but are dictated by local standards.

However, where a series of development projects is being carried out by a software house for different external customers, the methodologies and technologies to be used will have to be decided for each individual project. This decision-making process has been called 'technical planning' by some, although here we use the term 'project analysis'. Even where development is in-house, it is important to spend some time looking for any characteristics of the new project that might make us take a different approach from that used on previous projects. It is this analysis that is the subject of this chapter.

Martyn Ould in Strategies for Software Engineering: the Management of Risk & Quality, John Wiley & Sons, 1990, describes how technical planning was done at the software house, Praxis.

The relevant part of the Step Wise approach is Step 3: Analyse project characteristics. The selection of a particular process model will add new products to the Project Breakdown Structure or new activities to the activity network. This will create outputs for Step 4: Identify the products and activities of the project (see Figure 4.1).

In the remainder of this chapter we will firstly look at how the characteristics of a project will influence the approach to the planning of a project. We will then look at some of the most common process models, namely the waterfall approach, prototyping and incremental delivery.

Figure 4.1 Project analysis is the subject of Step 3.
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