Identifying resource requirements

The first step in producing a resource allocation plan is to list the resources that will be required along with the expected level of demand. This will normally be done by considering each activity in turn and identifying the resources required. It is likely, however, that there will also be resources required that are not activity specific but are part of the project's infrastructure (such as the project manager) or required to support other resources (office space, for example, might be required to house contract software developers).

Case Study example Amanda has produced a precedence network for the IOE project (Figure 8.2) and used this as a basis for a resource requirements list, part of which is shown in Table 8.1. Notice that, at this stage, she has not allocated individuals to tasks but has decided on the type of staff that will be required. The activity durations assume that they will be carried out by 'standard' analysts or software developers.

Resource Requirements

At this stage, it is necessary that the resource requirements list be as comprehensive as possible - it is better that something is included that may later be deleted as unnecessary than to omit something essential. Amanda has therefore included additional office space as a possible requirement, should contract software development staff be recruited.

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