Further exercises

1. List the problems you experienced when you carried out a recent IT-related assignment. Try to put these problems into some order of magnitude. For each problem, consider whether there was some way in which the problem could have been reduced by better organization and planning by yourself.

2. Identify the main types of personnel employed in an information systems department. For each stage of a typical IS development project, list the types of personnel who are likely to be involved.

3. A public library department is considering the implementation of a computer-based system to help administer book loans at libraries. Identify the stakeholders in such a project. What might be the objectives of such a project and how might the success of the project be measured in practical terms?

4. A manager is in charge of a sub-project of a larger project. The sub-project requires the transfer of paper documents into a computer-based document retrieval system and their subsequent indexing so that they can be accessed via key-words. Optical character readers are to be used for the initial transfer but the text then needs to be clerically checked and corrected by staff. The project is currently scheduled to take twelve months using permanent staff. A small budget is available to hire temporary staff in the case of staff absences through holidays, sickness or temporary transfer to other, more urgent, jobs. Discuss the control system that will be needed to control that sub-project.

5. In the above example, concerning document transfer and indexing, identify the strategic information that the manager might want to consider during the initial planning of the sub-project.

6. Suggest objectives for the following types of staff: (a) a data preparation clerk; (b) a programmer/analyst; (c) a computer software sales person; (d) a systems analyst; (e) a software project leader. In each case suggest two measures of efficiency or effectiveness.

Chapter 2

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