This chapter has laid a foundation for the remainder of the book by defining what is meant by various terms such as 'software project' and 'management'. Among some of the more important points that have been made are the following.

• Projects are by definition non-routine and therefore more uncertain than normal undertakings.

• Software projects are similar to other projects, but have some attributes that present particular difficulties, for example, the relative invisibility of many of their products.

• A key factor in project success is having clear objectives. Different stakeholders in a project, however, are likely to have different objectives. This points to the need for a recognized overall project authority.

• For objectives to be effective, there must be practical ways of testing that the objectives have been met. Hence there is a need for measurement.

• Where projects involve many different people, effective channels of information have to be established. Having objective measures of success helps unambiguous communication among the various parties to a project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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