The planning process

According to BS 6079, a plan should have five main elements:

• introduction;

• commitment acceptance;

• work breakdown structure;

The terms 'work breakdown structure' and 'statement of work' (SOW) will be explained later in this section.

One of the major differences between BS 6079 and PRINCE 2 is that while PRINCE 2 advocates a product-driven approach to planning, where the products the project has to create are initially identified, BS 6079 uses an activity-based approach, featuring a work breakdown structure (WBS), right from the beginning.

The standard does not put the same heavy emphasis on a Stage structure for projects as PRINCE 2. Passing references are, however, made to having project phases with milestones between the phases where there would be critical reviews of the progress that has been made and where decisions would be made about the continuing viability of the project. However, basing planning cycles on these phases, as PRINCE 2 does, is not suggested.

Apart from the WBS, the other important element in project documentation, according to this standard, is the statement of work (SOW), which combines elements of PRINCE 2's Product Description and Work Package. A SOW is

BS 6079 does mention a 'product-based WBS' which equates to a PRINCE 2'Product Breakdown Structure', but does not use Product Flow Diagrams created for each element in the WBS. These documents contain sections that cover such details as:

• summary of requirements;

• key deliverables and their delivery dates;

• task dependencies;

• risk assessment;

• performance criteria;

• progress reporting arrangements.

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