Supporting techniques

It will be recalled that PRINCE 2 described the basic requirements for some supporting techniques, in particular, change and configuration management, quality management and risk management. BS 6079 adopts a similar approach but adds procurement and financial control.

With regard to procurement, the different organizational arrangements for making purchases for a project are outlined. For example, the buyers might belong to a centralized group or might be dedicated to the specific projects. The key role of purchase order documents as a control mechanism is highlighted. The need to have some way of identifying trustworthy and qualified vendors, perhaps by maintaining a list of preferred vendors who have a satisfactory track record, is described in the BS 6079 document. The document also warns of the need to have in place procedures to expedite external work and to ensure the satisfactory standard of delivered work through inspections.

The section on financial control illustrates quite nicely the differences in approach between BS 6079 and PRINCE 2. In the BS 6079 document, two very specific quantitative techniques are described in some detail, namely the calculation of the net present value of a potential project and the analysis of the earned value of a project currently being executed. PRINCE 2 tends to avoid describing detailed technical data manipulation, with some notable exceptions to do with core planning methods, and concentrates on the necessary administrative procedures that need to be in place.

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