Project procedures

Table A. 1 lists the main project management processes for which PRINCE 2 lays down procedures to deal with the various events that the Project Management Team might encounter.

Table A.l

Major PRINCE 2 processes


Major processes


Starting up a project


Initiating a project


Directing a project


Controlling a stage


Managing product delivery


Managing stage boundaries


Closing a project



The levels of staff who are involved with each of the groups of project management processes in Table A. 1 are indicated in Figure A.2. The general planning process PL is not shown as this can take place at various times and places for different reasons. For example, it could take place during the 'Initiating a project' process to create the Project Plan, or during 'Managing stage boundaries' (SB) when a Stage Plan for the next Stage is constructed or when an Exception Plan needs to be produced.

Figure A.2 Project management roles (see Table A. 1 for key).
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