Exercise Key Stakeholders

Refer to Case Study 1 (Part 1). A complete copy of the case studies is provided in Appendix C. Solutions to this exercise are provided in Appendix B.

During this exercise, you will identify the main stakeholder for the billing system case You will also recognize the interest they have in the project, along with the role they play throughout the project life.

TIME: This exercise should take approximately 20 minutes.

For the Billing System Conversion project, use Table 2-1 to do the following:

1. List the major types of stakeholders.

2. Describe their interest in the project (such as what they want to know about, or gain from, the project).

3. Describe the role you feel they should play in the project.

Table 2-1




Key Stakeholder Roles

Key stakeholders and their roles are listed in Table 2-2.

Table 2-2




The individual or organization that is initiating the work and providing the resources. A member of upper management is an example of an internal sponsor. A client or customer is an example of an external sponsor.


The individual or organization that will receive the service or hardware generated by the project. The customer may or may not be the sponsor.

End users

In an IT project, the people who will be affected by the new technologies.

Performing organization

The individuals who form the project organizational team.

Otherindividuals/ organizations

Those influenced and affected by the project (such as contractors and subcontractors).

Project team

The professionals, craftspeople, or other specialists who serve on the project team.


The individual responsible for managing the project

NOTE: A form to support stakeholder identification appears in Appendix F.

NOTE: A form to support stakeholder identification appears in Appendix F.

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